26 November 2012

Orgasms and other illusions

I click thru photo sites, pinterest, tumblr, ... and feel like a dinosaur.

I run across a lot of female faces in orgasmic enchantment. Sometimes quite arousing. Was the photographer really witness, or even part, of a truly exciting moment? I see all these perfect tits, faces without pores, arms without hairs, perfect bums and thighs without the lightest touch of cellulite.

All fake? All fake! Most of it.

Fake? Real? She knows. I know. You'll never know...
"Yana's orgasm" (by Daniel Bauer)

My friend Venus recently published an article in the sex column of a Spanish news paper about the reasons why many women sometimes fake orgasms.

She presumes that most men don't stop fucking until the woman reaches her climax. And if she don't, he keeps going on and on, until she pretends to cum, what finally makes him end bumping into her.

Reading this, I remembered a night with a very intimate friend. We were both very tired.

Laying on her side she snuggled against me. Feeling my dick in the warm valley between her firm little buttocks, she mumbled: "You can fuck me a little bit, if you like".

Her hand gently guided me into her. She didn't move.

I fucked her softly, and fucked her a little bit harder, holding her young ass in my hands, and fucked her a little bit more, flying away in my cloud of absolute emotional well being, feeling the warmth of her body, listening to her moaning and the exciting sound that the fluids cause when penetrating her wet pussy. The odor of her soft skin filled me with that kind of happiness where all the annoyances of the world simply disappear, when I heard her say: "I said, a little bit - I didn't mean for hours...".

So what's the advantage of faking an orgasm instead of just telling what a woman wants, exactly as my lover did it that night? I guess, some do it out of love. They don't want to hurt the self-esteem of their partner and give him the feeling of being a great lover who gives her complete satisfaction.

How nice. And how wrong.

Is she really hot? (by Daniel Bauer)

First of all she looses the chance to have sex the way she really loves.

The inexperienced man will do the same again and again because she makes him believe that this is the way she takes off. A some more experienced man will easily sense a fake orgasm.

Maybe she can control her facial expression, her sounds and the move­ment of her body, but she can not control what happens in her pussy when she's about to cum. Inside her, it's impossible not to feel it.

Her lover feels cheated and irritated (I noticed, b.t.w., that girls who fake orgasms often also are not very honest in other ranges of life...). Finally he'll ignore her simulated gestures and takes her as he'd take any prostitute. The more she fakes, the worse gets her own sex experience.

But what the fuck am I talking about all this?

I believe that fake orgasms are illustrating very clearly the disadvantages of faking anything in life. Fake stuff, no matter what, is never satisfying. It always leaves a bad taste.

Because this is an art nudes photography blog I relate this to images, too, and especially to the "optimized" women one can see in standard nude photography - which makes by far the biggest part of all published nudes. In the end these images leave everybody unsatisfied, even if on the fist sight one might consider such an over-retouched image as beautiful.

There's no photoshop in real life. Yana by Daniel Bauer

Have you ever met such a "perfect" woman in real life? You'll never find that girl with those never ending legs, the perfect tits, the always shiny hair, the spotless shaven pubes, the always erected nipples and the orgasmic face without a wrinkle.

Unfortunately women want to follow these unrealistic ideals, too. Without any success, of course, because there is no photoshop in real life.

The more we admire those "super creatures" the bigger our dis­ap­point­ment. Photo­shop produces fake goals that can never be reached and instead of enchanting us fill us with frustration. We compare reality with industrially produced stereotypes. Bombed with standardized "perfection" we loose the feeling for real, individual, human beauty. Beauty that exists and that we can love.

I'm a dinosaur. I want the real thing, and I'm not talking about the sticky soft drink.
I want real life, real love, real orgasms.

And I want real photographs of real women. Fuck photoshop! It is nothing but the fake orgasm of our times.

(Photos are symbolic illustrations and are not connected to the storyline of this post)

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