10 November 2012


I can't get enough of sweet things.

Sweet Yana wrapped in chocolate, by Daniel Bauer

Sometimes the pleasure already begins opening the first jacket.

The delicious flavor ascends into my nose and while my fingers softly unwrap the last cover I can't wait to bite into her, to feel her softness and scent the irresistible aroma.

When she slowly melts on my tongue my desire grows beyond all bearing

Sometimes I am so very greedy that I skip the enjoyment of unwrapping.

Wild and impatiently I rip off the wrap and take her brutally, insatiable, hungry.

I prefer the dark kind. Not too soft, not too sweet, with a touch of bitter, just the right mix.

Chocolate temptation. Yana photographed by Daniel Bauer

I can't resist. She fills my heart with yoi. She makes me happy.

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