19 November 2012

Eating art

The life of an artist is fantastic. Really.

An artist gets up in the morning at the time he likes to, he does what he loves to do, no fixed time tables. And no boss distresses him. Freedom! Plus, in my case, always surrounded by the most beautiful girls who, additionally, get naked when ever I ask them to. Fun! Pleasure! Love, peace and cake!

You can eat the dessert, but you cannot eat the image of it. Photo of Yana by Daniel Bauer

So, how comes that sometimes I wished I had just a common, comfy office job?

To be honest, I don't really want an office job, and it's only from time to time that this strange wish comes to my mind. When it occurs it sounds so tempting to me: simply sit down in an office whose rent I don't have to pay, doing what the supervisor tells me to do without worrying whether it makes sense or not. Knock off on schedule at 5 o'clock, bye bye, see me on the beach! Free weekends! Never thinking about how to pay the bills at the end of the month: the paycheck just rolls in, regularly. How I envy office guys and girls!

Because, you know, the stereotypes with which I began this article only apply to a small part. I must get up every day, just like you, to get my work done. There is not no boss, there are many bosses. And, imagine, all those lovely naked girls surrounding me, are most of the time only on my computer screen, the same as on yours. Except that I have to select, edit, crop them, while you can simply sit back and enjoy the results of my work. At least in those moments when your boss is not looking over your shoulder.

A happy smile for free. Yana by Daniel Bauer
However, there's another stereotype that comes much closer to the truth: artists are poor. Unless they are very, very famous, or dead, or both. Art doesn't really pay, in terms of cash I mean.

Everybody downloads art for free. That's fine. But anybody thought about the fact that the photographer had to pay for his equipment, his studio, the locations he uses, the models who undress? That he likes to eat, too?

I can't eat my art. Especially since it's only digital. What I need is money. Cash. Dollars. Euros. I also take gold nuggets or raw diamonds, if that's what you want to offer.

If you like what I'm doing and want to support my work, why don't you go to my shop and order a genuine piece of art! 

My images are available as greeting cards for only € 3,35, but also as decorative posters (less than € 32) or as framed photographic high quality prints, if you'd like to spend a bit more and have a precious original on your wall that impresses your guests and pleases you for a very long time.

If you're more on online-erotica, have a look at my other page, www.guapamania.com, and spend 2,99 Euros to get access to the hottest, very erotic series. You can download all series in various sizes (up to 4000 pixels high-res).

All my products are reasonably priced. You can imagine that I must sell hundreds of them just to cover the model fees and production costs. So every little sale is highly appreciated.

You don't buy at an anonymous production company, but directly at the artist, who takes note of your purchase. With every small purchase you get something real and, above all, actively support the survival of art. Thank you!

If you are a woman and want to give yourself something really special: did you know that an artistic, sensual photo session is very affordable?

Sensual nudes for private clients, by Daniel Bauer in Barcelona

A weekend in Barcelona is always worthwhile and the special, very personal and beautiful images I take of you (and only for you) will please you during many, many years. I get enthusiastic feedback from clients since 30 years. See "a photo of you".

Thanks for your support!

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