07 November 2012

Making love with models

Provocative title, isn't it? And yes, it's true: I do make love with my models! Although I stay dressed, keep physical distance and don't touch.

If this sounds like a contradiction to you, you have simply mistaken love for sex. But today I am not talking about sex, even though I've chosen the title deliberately, of course, to mislead you a little bit and to gain your attention.

handcuffed on the carpet - by Daniel Bauer

My models, clients and colleagues may forgive me for using the example of a cookbook to better explain to what I am referring. As you know for sure, most of the photos in cookbooks do not at all arouse appetite. Others make your mouth waters.

Why? Well, the producer of the former simply took photos of meat, vegetable, fruit, sauces... while the artist of the latter was ravished by his presentation. He virtually ate the menu with his camera. He scented the odor with his flashes, tasted the savor with his lenses. The image that is so appetizing was taken with love. Love for his profession. Love for the object of his work.

studio nude by Daniel Bauer
Translated into nude photography, the former photographs bodies and faces, maybe even very beautiful ones, maybe even with professional lighting, correct angles and in focus, but his images will show nothing but flesh. This is what I call pOrn, regardless of hidden or explicitly shown nipples or pussies.

The latter loves his model with his camera, he caresses her with the light, he kisses her with the angles he chooses and adores her, when he releases the shutter.

As with any artist, my profession is my passion and my images are the the fruit of my love for what I do and what I see.

With my photographic art I want to portray the full joy of female sensuality and sexuality. I use eroticism in its original form, without censorship, open, you may say horny, but I don't encourage women to imitate a state of sexual arousal or to force themselves into excitement without reason. I try to create a relaxed atmosphere where she can simply be herself, feel save and appreciated for what and how she is. I want her to feel beautiful, feminine, tempting and attractive, because she is as she is, and I want her to feel that she is perfect, without any need to follow stereotypical ideals of beauty.

Just like an enamored lover looks at her thru rose-colored glasses, I look at her thru my view-finder and see her personal, own beauty, the special and unique in her. Via my lens I try to get in contact with her, to feel her, and to capture the vibrations and emotions in an image. Every woman who gets naked in front of my camera can be assured that she'll receive my full attention, love and understanding. With every click of my camera I ennoble, glamorize and let her feel touched without bodily contact, experiencing the moment and being part of an act of love.

sensual view, by Daniel Bauer
With my artistic photography I try to transform eroticism and sensuality into something pure and holy, worthy to be appreciated. In the composition of my photos you can see genuine moments, a woman in a state of pleasure without having to pretend or exaggerate anything. Although many of my photos show "everything" I believe that they distinguish expressly from the vulgar and describe a woman as a natural, adorable human being, pure in all her parts, including the origin of the world.

To search the particular in every model, feel and appreciate what we have, is the concept of my artistic nude photography. Because for me there is only one way to do things, you believe it or not, but it's all about showing the truth.
With love.

(This text was strongly inspired by an article my ex-love Yana once wrote about my work but regrettably never published. It was called "El Amante Perfecto" and some of the phrases used here I have impudently stolen from her draft.)

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