20 March 2013

The cart of desires

In my shopping cart I always put milk, cheese, a tasty bread and some of those sweet little seasonal fruits. Depends on in which store I am, because if there is, I also add coffee, cigarettes, and a beautiful woman.

Desires - artistic photography by Daniel Bauer

So I guess with that my shopping cart would be complete and cover all the basic needs of a man, or at least mine. Figuratively speaking, of course; I never had much affinity for women on sale or for rent - my greatest advantage in this life was that I always had, and still have, a woman who loves.

With what would you ...
...fill your shopping cart? Without having to worry about money?

What completes your happiness? Art photography by Daniel Bauer
We'd better call it the cart of desires. Where you could add all those things that complete your happiness, moving away from the materialistic world - we are not talking about yachts or luxury cars. In the store of dreams we sometimes do not know what to wish. Why? Aren’t we clear in our mind or have we lost our dreams over the idea that it is not possible to fulfill them?

In my cart of desires about women, I'd put a small package of tits, 500 grams of ass, a middle pack of lips, two soft hands, 3 bars of understanding, 2 liters of caress, a dozen of sympathy, a family pack of romanticism, and finally selected first class pubic hair, black and abundant. I wouldn't by nothing from bargain-sale or anything to expire, only ecological premium products. For some it might be too much, but I'd also ask for a box of splendid smiles and a couple of intense dark eyes that express love every day and every night.

In reality you have to go to a lot of shops to make a selection of quality products. I have thought about this for a while and so I created a shop on my page... where I offer you the cart of desires so that you can add all of what you like so much. It's a gallery of nude art images, premium quality only and some in limited editions, made to fall in love at first sight.

Falling in love with sensual art photography. Model Yana by Daniel Bauer

Add a photo to your cart and in a few days you can get your desired image, carefully printed and visible on the wall of your home. A virtual store that gives you a little of reality. How long did you not touch a real photograph with your own hands?

Choose a photo of the style you like the most, make a few clicks and it will knock at the door of your home: Daniel Bauer's art photography gallery shop

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