04 March 2013

Men, when nobody sees them

I use to talk about women because I love them and because they are the focus of my work, but, on the other hand, what about us men?

One of the most important and influential men in my life was my father with whom I shared my love for women. Early in my career he disagreed with my profession as a photographer, it was a time when being an artist was not well seen. With time he changed his mind and supported my work, I even remember that once he made me think of the great influence my pictures had on male sexuality.

She does it, I do it, and I don't care if you do it, too.

Have you ever thought about the amount of semen that you have helped to produce with your photos of naked girls?, he asked me one day.

At first it seemed a most unpleasant fact to me. My job is...
...not dedicated to inspire men in their intimate moment, although I had imagined in those times, where there was no google to facilitate pornography to the public, that my photos were a means to see naked girls. Now I know it, and I assume that many men feel grateful for my images. I do not know most of the people who buy my photos, and when there is a buyer I am grateful, even if it was for different uses. I'd be hypocritical if I'd be offended by the fact that my photographs of nudes, given the high degree of sexuality that they incorporate implicitly and sometimes explicitly, are used mostly in the bathroom of an office.

Would Silvio Berlusconi love to know my sofa?
And while we're on topic, it is worth quoting former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi, who probably, if he had a link to my website within his grasp, for sure would become one of my best customers. An emblem of rampant and public sexuality would buy my photographes in large sizes to decorate his new government office with tits, asses and plenty of pubic hair. He'd support my work in his new campaigns, perhaps even send me new models, close friends willing to pose nude.

If we have something in common with this "clown" then it is his weakness for women, with the difference that his sexual fun is disbursed by Italian citizens while we simply pay ours with our own money. But who can condemn a poor manikin for partying with beautiful women.

Maybe that's why he still has the goodwill of a large number of Italians who give him power over Italy and therefore also over Europe. Politicians also have sexual needs, at least that has demonstrated "Berlussolini" (I use to call him like that for his Mussolini style) in countless private, salacious parties.

All men and women think about and want sex. Some may display it publicly without consequences, but many others must keep it active in their intimacy only, because of those who constantly say that "fucking" outside of a marriage accepted by the church is not an act of love or part of an human instinct, but rather something dirty and particular to people without ethics. As I am one of those, I continue to be a persona non grata for conservatives, the same ones, who in the office visit www.guapamania.com when nobody sees them.

Thanks to all those men and women who love sex and want more nudes, welcome back and I hope to see you in my art photography shop on www.daniel-bauer.com...

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