07 February 2013

How do they reproduce?

In this story there are storks, nor the father who puts the seed in the flower of the mother. This is the story about the act of how photographs are coming into this world. Yes!

black and white nude by Daniel Bauer
Or at least about how they were coming before we limited ourselves to see them on  computer screens. What will become of the lives of the artisans of frames or photo mounts? The homes became almost completely anonymous. No posters, no family photos or pictures of art. Now we find golden kittens that move their arms, Buddha shrines or simply standardized decor, cheap, tacky, where before there was a photograph.

They say there was a time when there were few who had a camera. People who learned techniques to photograph professionally. They themselves created what is now called the styling, created the composition they liked, or simply used what was available on the location. The community of people paid these persons for sessions to get a personal photo for themselves or for their family. The work of these species was...
highly valued, because otherwise people could not conserve memories of their best moments, with their children, parents, partners, or simply how their naked bodies were when still young.

Thus the gentlemen who took photos had only few possibilities to do their job. Single plates, later rolls of 12 or 24 photos, were the basis to achieve the results ordered by the customer. And, of course, developing, copying and enlarging was an important part of the job.

the naked artist - by Daniel Bauer
A process in the known darkroom that brought to the world an original photograph, unique, unrepeatable. The few who had the opportunity to know the secrets of this work knew how to play with the chemical liquids, how rub parts of the developing image more than others, how to determine the right moment to take the paper out of the liquids, always individual, never exact, so that each one of these images was very special.

artistic nude in public (Daniel Bauer, Barcelona)
Even today, with digital photos, prints let you have close contact with the original photograph. You can not stop looking at it, you don't have the option to minimize it as you can on your computer and not only that, but it dresses up your home or room with a bit of art that you like so much.

For these reasons, by popular demand and because I want the history of photography to be something of the present, too, you can now choose, buy and receive those photographs of my page that you like the most. At the moment there's a shop at red bubble where you can find some of my images as cards, posters, photographic prints, even framed. And soon there will be a new shop with limited editions on my site, too.

A virtual shop for a real result. Build your own art collection!

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