17 May 2012

Water and women: essential elements

water and women:
elementary for the survival of men

Each extremity of her was moistened by millions of water droplets that vanished upon arrival at the desired point. What better route to drop from full lips, slightly slipping down in one slide to some small breasts, and ending up in the depths of a navel. Her melancholy and permeable eyes implicitly implied the freshness of a naked body, invaded by these tiny, transparent dots that mingled in her face with the outbreak of her tears.

One click to capture them all together in one area. Drops that might have been freed into a river or joined in a glass to dissolve an aspirin - but no, they had a better life: bathing a naked female body and dive into the depths of her skin. A unique penetration that only this essential element for the human body, water in its liquid state, can achieve. Who could live without them: water and women, an elementary connection for the survival of men.


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