23 May 2012

Are you beautiful?

This is a beautiful world, isn't it? Many of us search natural landscapes on our travels or in our leisure time and, back home, proudly present the photographs of these intact miracles of nature where man not yet has applied its corrections: wild woods, rivers in their natural beds, unmaintained lonely beaches... We love nature as is and sometimes get melancholic, sitting in our well uncluttered offices behind clean double glazed windows, looking at perfectly straight streets and thinking about the fresh air out there in the wild, the roughness we felt on our feet when walking barefooted, the liberating vibrations that made us feel complete and happy because we left the perfectly organized and optimized technical world for a while. It's beautiful.

artistic nude of real people
by Andreu Revilla
But when it comes to photography of people, where is our love for the beauty of nature? Have you recently seen a nude woman, a naked men, that was not „optimized“ by photoshop, that hasn't shaved all the body hair, was made up and styled for hours, who posed in a natural way without taking very artificial postures? And, if you look into the mirror – honestly: don't you want, at least a little bit, to be like those „perfect ideals“ you see all the time on magazine covers, in TV, commercials?

In these times of factitiousness it takes quite some courage to be a photographer who takes photos or human beings simply and just as they are. Andreu Revilla is one of them. Looking at his artistic nude photographs of normal people, detecting their personal, original beauty, is like a walk thru an unordered valley in the mountains. It could make you discover that women and men indeed are beautiful beings.

Maybe next time you look in the mirror you'll think: yes, I am beautiful, too! Give it a try.

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