29 October 2012

praise of pubic hair

Everybody knows that I love pussies with an abundant bush of pubic hair. It's so cosy!

Nothing more delicious than to lay my head on the pubes of a beautiful hairy girl, feel the caress of the soft fur in my face, scent her unique odor, explore the round curves of her firm lips with my mouth and my fingers...

So, let me talk a little bit about the indubitable advantages of pubic hair and why I really can't stand shaven pussies anymore...

Daniel Bauer's ex-lover Yana hairy pussy
The beautiful, big and hairy pussy of my ex-lover Yana

Before the 1990es a shaven pussy was a distinct identification of being prostitute or working in the p0rn industry. Of course, in private, it could have been one of the sexy games to let him shave her pussy, variety is the spice of life! But it was always an exception, the awkward effects (itching, pimples from ingrown hairs, scratchy stubble after a few days...) were too unpleasant. A shaven woman could not show herself in the sauna or the changing room of the sports club, because she'd send the signal of being a whore.

But suddenly the signification changed from "I am a prostitute, hire me!" to "I am a standard girl who blindly follows what society asks me to. Tell me what I have to do!". And all non-individual women started to shave.

Yeah, I hear your protest! But doing what everybody does has never been an attribute of pronounced individualism and free spirit, don't you agree?

Women even talk about such stupid things like "hygiene". Believe me, this is the moment in which every desire to see her naked dies immediately. Of course she has hygienic problems! She removed the pubic hair that protects her from heat and cold and the permanent friction of the underwear on her most delicate parts. Shaving or (photo-, laser-, chemical...) depilation irritates her sensitive skin. The irritated skin and the products used, in the truest sense of the word open the door for vaginal yeast infection and other undesirable guests...

Some men simply cannot deal with adult women, and so they need to remove her signs of adulthood. I havn't seen a pre-adolescent pussy from close since I'm not a teenager anymore, but I know that what you see in the web and in magazines are retouched versions. A shaven adult pussy doesn't have anything of the delicateness of a young girls genitals and the sad truth looks much more like this:

Unretouched shaven pussies as they really look: pimples, ingrown hairs, scratchy stubble...

So better let's spend our time on the beauty and the merits of pubic hair...

Daniel Bauer touches Yana's hairy pussy
touch it, feel it, love it!
When you caress the pubes of a woman with your hand and softly (or sometimes less softly...) tickle her pubic hair, the feelings transmit via the roots of the hairs much deeper, giving her a lot more pleasure.

Doing cunnilingus for a hairy woman is pure delight!

You feel her hairs caressing your face and mouth, it's soft and smooth, you can play with it with your lips, your teeth, your hands. It is fantastic to play with the whole haired region, and when her lips open you can slide in to where there is no hair, even on the hairiest girl...

Don't tell me, you don't want hair in your mouth! Or do you never kiss her in her neck, her ears, above her forehead, where there is usually much more hair than between the legs?

Did you ever hear about pheromones?

Those are those chemical substances every animal produces to attract corresponding sexual partners. It is a very personal and individual odor and the greatest advantage is, that it only attracts potential partners that match the natural chemistry between the two. Pubic hair holds this odor for you, and if you're the right one for her and she's the right one for you, it could happen that you just never again want to turn away from her incredibly delightful bush!

Shaven girls loose a lot of their potential attractiveness. On the naked skin those substances cannot last and are often predominated by fragrances that ruin the unconscious magnet for her right guy with whom she wants to live her true animal instincts!

Pubic hair is natural, it's beautiful and it's a sign of being adult. It is something that you can be proud of. It makes your legs optically longer (because your upper part of the body visually ends where the pubic hair begins, though appears shorter compared to the legs...). It hides your most intimate parts from being exposed to everybody's views on first sight and adds some secrecy, thus making it even more interesting for brave discoverers.

As a woman, with refusing the intimate depilation you not only do a lot to better your sexual life but also show that you are an individual, self-thinking woman who does what she likes, and not what the society tries to oblige her.

You will definitively attract more interesting and better matching men. And if a guy tells you, that he can't stand pubic hair, think a moment: do you really want a man that cannot accept you as you are? Who asks you to change something very intimate of you, just to suit his taste? A man who cannot make love with a truly adult woman? Why don't you ask him to change his dick for a more beautiful one? Let him go! There are millions of shaven standard girls for him. You deserve better!

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